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Special PMLA court declares Vijay Mallya a fugitive economic offender. His properties can now be confiscated by the government.

Prevention of money laundering  court has ordered to take all his property. Vijay mallya has took loan from 17 indian banks of total amoun...

Friday, January 4, 2019

70 years old was the mastermind of kidnapping.

5 Jan, 2019
Rewa m.p.
In the janeh police station area a retired gramsevak was kidnapped but police solved the case in 3 days. The police has arrested two victims of the incident and found the gram Sevak in Well condition and the victims asked for kidnapping money about 500000 rupees and the police found the money as well. The incident took place on Friday, Additional SP Ashutosh Gupta describe the incident in police control room.
Additional SP Mr Gupta also told media that on 1 January in the Janeh Thana gram kapdaura resident retired gramsevak chhedilal kol was being Kidnapped by unknown rascals offering retired gram Sevak to work on their farm and clear the boring machine and also settings of farm. The incident was a big problem for the family of Chhedi LAL kol , his son lodge the complaint in the nearest police station Janeh Thana. The Thana incharge or town inspector mr Rs Singh Bagri started searching the location of the rascals with the help of Umaria police and Got them. It is told that Mr Chedi Lal kol was took to Umaria because he holds a account in Umaria so kidnappers withdraw 500000 rupees kidnapping money. The kidnappers withdrawal 500000 rupees from the account of Mr Chhedi Lal kol but before they get away with the money a tragedy happened when Janeh police with the corporation of Umaria police planned operation to arrest the kidnappers. All the kidnappers was being located from Every side and then they were unable to escape. The retired gramsevak Mr Chedi Lal kol is found good condition. According to the police the kidnappers muqaddam Khan son of late rahish Khan resident chakmirapatti  district Prayagraj Uttar Pradesh And a car driver Aslam Khan son of Majid Khan resident mundera Mandi Thana ghuman Ganj was involved. But other kidnappers Guddu Khan and liaqat Ali residents of chakmirapatti are running by police.

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