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Special PMLA court declares Vijay Mallya a fugitive economic offender. His properties can now be confiscated by the government.

Prevention of money laundering  court has ordered to take all his property. Vijay mallya has took loan from 17 indian banks of total amoun...

Friday, January 4, 2019

Pujara broke the old record of 90 years, pant became the king of Asia.

4 Jan, 2019
After Cheteshwar pujara wicketkeeper Rishabh pant played a long innings hitting century, while India  in 4th cricket test on Friday match played  long innings  making the series one boy Indian by the large score of 622 runs this is the India's first innings in the land of Aussies and gave them a big surprise of winning this match in single innings. In second day Australia without losing any wickets made 24 runs. Australia is very far away from the high score of India 622 runs following by lead of 598 runs  in second day. India has crossed 32times in test cricket 600 runs club. while Australia has entered the club of 600 runs for 34 times in his test series. Pujara missed his double century on the foreign land but his 193 runs innings broke the bones of Australian bowlers. Pujara in his innings played 373 balls and 22 boundaries wild Rishabh pant played 189 balls and 15 boundaries and a maximum with the score of 159 runs not out registered a new record in his name. Rishabh pant is the first Indian wicket keeper batsman to hit a century in the land of kangaroos. Ravindra Jadeja scored 81 runs with the half century challenging the kangaroos to work more and more hard work this is the Ravindra Jadeja who once again proved himself that he can give the best results to Indian Cricket board. Pujara spreaded his innings by 130 runs in Kangaroos land and scored his high score.
Prince Singh
Rewa m.p.

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